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December 11, 2009
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I had a feeling all along,
I cannot explain why,
But when I saw your big blue eyes,
I knew I had to make them mine.

A friend of mine and yours,
Told me about an amazing guy
Who liked me through and through,
As I looked into the eyes
I treasured most,
I knew I liked you too.

But as the story revealed itself,
I found it was not you but him,
He who loved me and explained Himself as the man of my dreams.
This shocked and hurt both
Him and I.
Yet still for you I felt the need to strive.

Even though I had been,
Beaten to you,
I continued to strive for you.
You may not think your a prize,
But you are the greatest thing I ever won.

Now mine to hold are,
The eyes of blue fire,
Heart as loud as the drums,
Arms as strong as a bull,
And love as pure as gold,
Each with its own special purpose.

The eyes to pierce mine,
To hold my mind,
To tell me they love me,
And promise it's true.

The heart to beat against mine,
For me to hear,
To beat for me,
To reassure me of your love.

Your arms though not physically Strong, hold me with the
Strength of forever,
A link to bridge the
Gap between us.
They let me know I am protected,
they are my safe haven where I am most comfortable.

Your love is as pure as gold,
Though it does not hold me down.
It surrounds me with warmth,
To keep me strong,
To keep me sane, to hold my heart, To keep my fire tame.

I wear everything you give me to Show you that I care,
But I wear the silver band,
Not to show that I am yours,
But to show that you are mine.

I think may already know the Answer, but I have one
Question for you,
If you the key to my heart,
Would you put it in the lock and Keep it for yourself?
Or would you lock it up forever And throw away the key?

What ever choice your mine forever,
My link to eternity.
You may call me your own.

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