Perspective (happiness)

December 11, 2009
By Anonymous

As I lay here, I think about my life, I'd do anything for a way to escape, If you think about perspective, Then you got a lot to be living for, Family, Friends, Food and Shelter. If you think about everyone else, In Africa and third world countries, Then you to will realize you have a lot to live for. Don't end your life now, You may not think so, but you will achieve your goals. If you don't build yourself a sturdy floor to jump off of you are never going to make it to the next level. Keep trying and never give up, No matter how hard life may seem, If you lose something that means so much to you then find a way to move on and find happiness, whether it's something you hold so close or if you are standing under a rainbow. For me it's sleep, sleeping isn't the answer but until I find a better way to be happy, Peace :)

The author's comments:
What inspired me was the deepest darkest hole I ever fell into. It was depression. I brought it on all by myself I thought that I wouldn't be happy in my life again. After a while I noticed certain things that would make me smile. Eventually I started coming out of the shell I built around myself, and I found a way (writing and drawing) to let all my feelings out, Before that I used to hold them in. I would isolate myself from everything that truly loved me. I ended up hurting some few people, and I am working on fiing up the bond I broke between us. Thanks for taking your time to read this :)

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