Life II

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

So far in life shootings, recruiting, and banging that is what led to me
Breaking laws, respect for my people but not for the enemies
Not concentrating on death, police, or being heavenly
Didn’t even think that continuing would bring the end to me
Just living life thinking about what my friends would be
Found out they were bodied by age 9, they just finished elementary
Thinking they are dead, if I was next, wondering where he’s sending me
Deciding to keep banging, being violent and not living independently
Didn’t think I will make it living in society
So I chose to chastise myself and concentrate with the optional varieties
Thought I had no point in life so I wonder if God would nine me
And if I was dead, the homiez would just look at me as a lost man
And just figure I was always the one to get caught with the contraband
That’s why I found it bizarre to have those contagious moments
My hands always wandered to the hood like they were frozen Never had the right to envision my life the way I wanted it
And my policy was to keep it inside, never to expose it
I would never collide, always be the one to be dispersed
I was malignant, it was like the devil set a curse
I couldn’t find the will to force the source
But by God it could have been worst
So I pray to myself that my life should be reversed

The author's comments:
Growing up was hard but it really became even harder when I made a choice to really change and reverse my life.

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