Answer Me This

December 23, 2009
By Binksss BRONZE, Reading, Other
Binksss BRONZE, Reading, Other
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Our time together was short but god, so damn sweet,
Every day I think about when the two of us again, shall meet.
I know I don't need you to go on and survive,
I can still breathe without you; look, I'm still alive.
I'm as much myself as I was when with you-
Not different, just stronger, now I've fought my way through:
Through the heartbbreak, the pain, the endless rivers of tears.
Here I stand on my own, I've already faced my fears.
But I still miss you somehow, and it scares me like hell.
Maybe you're missing me too? But no one can tell.
Let me know just one thing- no excuses, no lies,
No complicated answers. Just look me in the eyes
And answer me this, for I'm dying to know...
Do you miss me? Do you care?
Was it easy to let me go?

The author's comments:
My ex. Nuff said right?

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