I Thought What He Said Truely Mattered

December 23, 2009
By MssyBunniQ22 BRONZE, Psl, Florida
MssyBunniQ22 BRONZE, Psl, Florida
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Everyone always tried to put my feelings down, but the presence of him raised them back up. People told me I was good for nothing, but when he said "I believe you can do anything" I knew what he said truely mattered to him. I thought in my heart that no one loved me and cared for me no longer until he said to me "I love you and I will always be there for you". Right then I knew it mattered to him. My life was down hill and he is the one who helped me through it all. I walked to him house one day, and caught him in his own lies. He said to me before "I will never hurt you, no matter how much i did or didn't care for you" I belived what he said mattered. I was a fool to belive his lies. Now, my heart is torn, shattered, destroyed. Now I thikn about it everyday wondering, "I thought what he said mattered."

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