December 8, 2009
By , Tupelo, MS
You love me, I know.
You drive me crazy so,
I put up with it, I try to deal.
But sometimes it’s just too unreal,
The conflicting feelings I have inside.
I hate you, I love you, I can’t decide.

You take care of me,
You do everything so selflessly.
But I don’t like your qualities,
You’re flawed. Just like me.

Your happiness a rehearsed speech,
Fake, plastic,
And your smile’s just elastic.
But your anger is real,
It’s easy to feel
The awkward, unpleasant atmosphere you carry,
When the day you’ve had has not been easy.

But I still love you, how could I not?
Second chances are hard but I’ll give you a shot.
You do so much for me and I know you mean well,
You love like a puppy, never-ending, eternal.
Such conflicting feelings inside,
I love you, I hate you, I can’t decide.

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CherryBabe said...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 7:50 pm
I forgot to write this when I posted the poem but my other poem "Change" is almost exactly the same, it was my 1'st Draft and this was the one I liked better.
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