Let Go

December 8, 2009
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I comfort those in pain;
Watch their tears rain,
Listen to their heartache,
Watch their bodies quake.
I see the mascara run.
Flushed faces; say… too much sun.
I can see the burden; a boulder,
As they sob upon my shoulder.
Frustration gleams in reddened eyes;
For I can’t answer the whys.

I comfort when they hurt,
But I’m as lowly as dirt;
For me crying is a forbidden thing,
I just take the painful sting.
I walk with head held high,
A fiery glare glistening in my eye.
The weight is heavy; I must fight,
With jaw clenched tight.
I hear nothing around me;
For a red glow is all I see.

Still all to often though,
I just let the tears flow.

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