The Last Day of Vacation

December 14, 2009
After many false storm speculations
I'm very grateful for one last day
Spent on the beach
Tomorrow ends the last vacation
Of the summer

The sun is strong
And the beach is hot
So I have resorted to spending
Most of my time in the water
The current is strong
My mother is in the background
Badgering me to be careful
But I know I can handle it

Suddenly the ground falls out from beneath me
And I'm being pulled away from the shore
I try desperately to swim back
But the tide is too powerful
I scream out to anyone who might help
But all attempts are muffled
By mouthful after mouthful of water

The salt is stinging my eyes
My arms can barely move
And my throat is too dry to breathe
Giving up all hope of swimming back
To the now far off shore
I simply try to keep my head above water
Which proves to be not quite so simple
In the rough currents of the ocean

The smack of wave after wave
Becomes more of a rhythm
Than a beating
I can no longer keep my head up
Long enough for a breath
Inhaling more water than air
I pray something will soon
Put an end to my misery

Finally I feel myself slip away
Not attempting to hold on longer
The salty waters of the ocean have won
And I am now willing to accept defeat
I hear the distant drone of a helicopter
See the glimpse of a search light
But it's too late
I have already given myself to the sea

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lol101 said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 7:07 pm
this is really well written! i love the way you describe the beach. You have an amzing sense of vocabulary and description. I feel like I can see the picture you are painting. Definitly keep writing. Also, if you get a chance, maybe you could look up some of my work too? :) 
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