December 11, 2009
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Why is money all you need to power your greed?
And why are you only at the altar in your hour of need?
Yea your shoe game is nice, with the BAPE on your feet
But you barely have a place for your baby to sleep
Lord isn’t the only one who knows your rent’s been late for a week
Why do you claim your cold blooded but displaying the heat?
And why do you swear you hate the hood, but you stay in those streets?
Why do we choose to judge by the color of skin,
By your race, by your state, by your number of friends?
Why do we ignore the less fortunate? Whoever it is
Why’d you just get your tax return but your not willing to give?
Willing to deal, Me? I was willing to kill
Like scrap yard metal I was willing to steal/steel

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