December 6, 2009
It's like when you sing
and forget the words to the song.
Or going up stairs
and that last step is wrong.

It's that lurch in your stomach,
the unpleasant thrill,
Hello, old best friend,
as they pounce for the kill.

Insults are just words!
A word is no stick or stone.
Give me a surface wound
I'll give you one of my own.

I can draw blood
Just as you can black eyes
It's your lies and your words
That I truly despise.

Let's play a game,
who'll cry first?
Behind backs, we compete
for who'll say the worst.

Bites, claws, fists and kicks,
Give into primal intuition.
Fight me, you liar,
lose that false disposition.

Why have we pretended so long,
when charades aren't all that fun.
Forget, look me in the eyes-
This is truly done.

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