December 6, 2009
By Ana9812 BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
Ana9812 BRONZE, Plainfield, New Jersey
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He sat behind a curtain
All I could see for now was a picture
But he was definitely there
For I was very familiar with his voice
I heard do re mi’s
I knew he was prepping
So I put in a quarter when things got quiet
And I waited, tapping my feet in anticipation
The curtain was gone
Now I watched as his painted eyes move with his dance
I heard his voice
I saw his lips move
It was him!
The ones who questioned me were jealous
Jealous because they could not see
He was a puppet, my sweet puppet

A puppet indeed and gullible as I was I swallowed every string
And with the push of my finger just a little too far, I poked my tonsils
And out rained strings
I picked one up and made a necklace of it
And whenever those mimicking eyes of lies haunted me
I pulled on the string
Making it a little tighter, and tighter
Until I exploded strings

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