Forrest of Fallacy

December 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Everything in Parentheses describes and interprets my meanings.

A fleeting storm, a rain that washes away the past.
(Mixed emotions, which slowly fade.)
In loose recollection, the fires die down.
(I can hardly remember what drove us apart.)
As new life rises through the few remaining trees that still stand tall and true.
(I finally decide to give my friends the appreciation they deserve)
Rays of sun flood through the torn foliage.
(I’m looking on the bright side.)
Animals converse in broken strengths and tattered youth.
(She no longer holds any power over me.)
A memory that speaks tomes of truth and lessons learned.
(I learned my lesson.)
Rivers of contempt and hatred seep deep into the dry earth, and dwindle down to diminishing streams.
(They aren't’t worth the feelings of hatred and contempt I felt for them.)
The face of death is scared off by a smiling child.
(I no longer feel like there’s nothing to live for.)
In passing, a man can finally rest, unaware that he’s even gone.
(By dying, there is rest, and by not knowing when, he lives to the fullest.)
So sleep well, in hell, my friends. Because tomorrow is a new day, wrought with new trials and new pains, and sleep is all there is to rest your tired souls.
(Life is tough, but I’m here for you guys.)
And dream sweetly, as dreams are the only true escape from an impossible reality.
(Don’t take the dreams that escape me for granted.)
Resilient strength and diligent passion breaks through barriers of sadness and anguish.
(By sheer force of will, I slowly overcome my depression.)
A faceless foe, standing out, in her persistent pursuit of strangling my happiness.
(A part of me is my worst enemy.)
Sword drawn, I step forward, unafraid and unmatched.
(I don’t care about the consequences, I only wish to be normal.)
As I strike her down, I too lay down, dead.
(By ridding my memories of her, I lose a part of myself.)
As much a part of her as she is of me.
(Again, in order to forget, I have to lose a part of myself.)

The author's comments:
This one is a little longer than my earlier work. I just want to get better so i figured the more I write, the better I become. Also, I'm rarely this specific in my poems so this is a first for me.

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