December 4, 2009
Voices blur
Colors mumble
I am the only one in the world
I am alone
There is a sweetness in the air
Its honey to my ears
And bells upon my lips
I reach out into hazy abyss
Nothing to guide my way but hopes and dreams
Its starts off as smooth glass
As I amble farther cracks form
Then, just like that, it is rock
A boulder of massive quality
Weighing me down
The jagged surface, cold and forlorn
Soon accompanies another force
Rough mineral against cement, a hard rock against a stone cold wall
Pushing, pounding
There is no where to escape
The sharp edges,
That which repeatedly stroke with its clawing pressures,
Now soothed over.
The translucent glass was back.
The world surrounds me.
Taste of chimes, gone
Sound of sugar, vanished
Sweetness amiss
The world falls into place.
Colors sound.
Voices paint.

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