A Soft and Somber Melody

December 10, 2009
I remember you singing to me
a soft and somber melody.
You said you weren’t afraid to die.
You’ve always wanted to leave this behind.

Now as this world you’re leaving,
as all their bodies are now sleeping,
so they won’t try to stop you as
you leave the world in a blinding flash.

Walking into the crest of a wave,
it washes over you before it breaks.
It washes away the grief, the pain
that you’ve know so well for all your days.

It carries you away to a better place
where you can wipe the tears from off your face
and forget all the nights you spent alone,
you’ll find your long awaited home.
You’ll find the things you’ve been looking for,
and your pretty eyes will cry no more.

Your lips are full of sad emotion
walking into the deep, blue ocean.
What a peaceful way to die,
what a tearful way to cry.
You’ll be missed, boy, when you’re gone.
We’ll miss your love, your smile, your songs.

As you take the last remaining step
into the ocean of your death.
You look up and smile,
just like a small child.
With all the love, all the wonder,
All the care, as you plunder
into the cold, dark abyss,
leaving behind what you’ll never miss.

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