In Memory of Sandra Malee

December 10, 2009
By ncrumley BRONZE, Vaughn, Montana
ncrumley BRONZE, Vaughn, Montana
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A poem a day,
Keeps the psychiatrist away,
That’s what I used to say anyway,
Until I started feeling this way.

Just the mention of you,
Makes me go completely koo-koo,
If I could hide in a room,
Or even a tomb.

To escape my brain,
Just to dismiss the pain,
Come on stick in the bullet,
Do you have enough guts to pull it?

I just need a simple heavenly connection,
It’s my life your toying with,
But to you it’s just an erection,
What do I see in you? Sure not perfection.

But yet I’d give for you,
Like a devil on my shoulder,
You haunt me taunt me,
Mocking my every word.

Watching me fall down to my knees,
Crawling on the floor,
My palms sweating,
The barrel clenched tight closed to my sight.

One finger wrapped around the trigger,
Pull it, just pull it,
It will all go away,
Or at least that’s what the devil on my shoulder would say.

Laying in the ground now,
Under a birch tree,
A statue of an angel stands,
That says in memory of Sandra Malee.

The time had officially came,
She took with her all the blame,
Wasting the beautiful life of a girl,
A woman she never became.
Do you even feel pain,
Knowing she doesn’t remain,
I hope sometime in your life,
You’ll finally do what is right.

Tell her family you took her life,
In the palm of your hand,
Squeezed until the blood drooled down her face,
In a large circle, for her family to find on the floor.

A long with a note to you that she wrote,
In it she says, for you she wishes the best,
She hopes you enjoy the life as a boy,
Ruining girls like their your childish toy.

Now the conclusion to her life she had chosen,
At the end of her note all that she wrote,
To the boy of her heart only one simple quote,
P.S. I’ll love you forever and always no matter how broke you made me, I hope someday you’ll see the love you never gave me.

And with that she pulled the trigger,
So her life could not get bigger,
Resting in peace,
With her soul scarred in your disease.

The author's comments:
I write poetry as a way to release all of my feelings. Currently I have friends who have fallen hard for different guys. At our age, I find that it is hard for any girl to realized what they are going through and also how to deal with it. One of my dear friends came this close to committing suicide, so I wrote this poem as a way to release the emotional feelings that I was having in dealing with that decision of her. It was a hard poem for me to write, but once the pen hit the paper. Magic started to appear, and words flowed.

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