Where The Blackberries Grow

December 10, 2009
It’s a long walk where the blackberries grow
It’s a long walk in that December snow
Of all the times I said goodbye
That’s the one that made me cry
As the tears stream down my face
I feel so out of place
I close my eyes; flashback through the memories
All the times you spent with me
And I with you
I thought it through
Moving isn’t what I want to do
But I have no choice
They say the best way to get through
Is to rejoice
But how do you rejoice for the times we had
There is so much pain in the knowledge that I have
Knowing I’ll never see you again
Eight years since I saw your face
And still no body has taken your place
I thought for sure I could go back
that we would pick blackberries again
I never predicted the accident
It took your life so fast
Now I can never go back
So many things I never got to say
Why did it have to end today
Why did it have to end this way
I read it in a newspaper clipping
It leaves me in dismay
When I was young
You were my super hero
Now I’m older
I have to grow
The best way out
Is always through
This you taught me
Is always true
Now when I go back
Where the blackberries grow
I will see my friends
But you no more
The blackberries will all be dead
The winter so cold
The river so harsh
It’s a long walk where the blackberries grow

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