An Angel's Prayer

December 9, 2009
By __monita__ BRONZE, San Diego, California
__monita__ BRONZE, San Diego, California
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We find ourselves hurt with knowledge of right,

from filling a void within to try to complete our life,

movies in our thoughts that can trigger an emotion and time,

broken promises of forever that went emotionally unkind,

a world wind of memories that stand so historically true,

simple flash backs of a happy time i spent with you,

to just to unlock something that we all desperately need,

to hurtfully find out that we didn't really have the key,

shadows of ones self that used to remain,

tho the pain ran so deep your still happy it came,

they say its better to love to never love at all,

but the pain for ones love can make you come to a complete stall,

to truly love entirely but not ever to get,

is a rock of a emotion that sinks within,

a captivating smile that can warm ones body of anticipation,

to join ones life for a period but to lose in relation,

a hour glass of two that channeled and faded,

a puzzle of life that two built but couldn't save it,

to reassure your love but not ever to share,

is a wish of the broken.. threw an angels prayer,

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