December 9, 2009
By FayBo BRONZE, Riviera Beach, Florida
FayBo BRONZE, Riviera Beach, Florida
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Sun, watermelon, Popsicle, shorts,
Pleasant, hot, rainy, celebrations, bonfires,
People dancing, the beach, picnic, swimming pool,
Camping, vacation, parties, barbecue, bicycling,
Ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, and

birds flying around.
I remember it like it was yesterday, mid July,
Walking in on a Sunday at Wellington Community
Center, While outside the room about to walk
in, I could hear the Lovely melody of the
singing Praise and Worship team.
Preaching, teaching, hearing the word,
hearing the truth, Hearing the Almighty
through his Apostles’. Feeling the Spirit,
feeling the atmosphere, touching on what is being
Said, smelling the dead souls becoming alive
again or for The first time. Seeing Witches
getting cast down. Then and there not realizing
that this was the Start of a New Beginning.
Walking out of the service Like something just
shuck me to real life. Thoughts just Running
through my mind like all the planets revolving

Around the sun.
Sunday, Monday, then there is Tuesday.
Bible study night, The night of teaching,
hearing the word, hearing the truth,
And getting it broken down like
never before. The book of Genesis
showing the fall of man and promises
the a redeemer to save mankind; The
book of Exodus gives The order of law
being established and ritualistic worship;
The book of Leviticus is a book of sacrifice,
holiness, priesthood and atonement; The
book of Numbers shows the seriousness of
staying away from a life of sin; The book of
Joshua shows the faithfulness of God toward
Israel; The book of a beautiful depiction of the
everlasting supremacy and love of God towards
His people; The book of 1st Samuel stresses
the relationship of sin and effects upon the
people and the leaders; The book of 1st
Chronicles shows racial and religious purity;
The book of Esther tells of the deliverance
of God’s people; The book of Job tells of
the necessity to acknowledge the supremacy
of God and gives us the answer to why
men and women of God seem to
suffer—all suffering is due to sin;
The book of Psalms shows judgments and
curses; The book of Proverbs is about parables
, sayings full of wisdom, the wisdom of how
to live a godly life, and speaks of (sin,
goodness, wealth, foolishness, poverty, pride,
justice, strife, the tongue, love, lust, friends,
families, life and death).
Every time a Word is
spoken; getting shocked takes place,
with thoughts running after. The
Last Days have Risen like Jesus
was, the Day after. This is not the
time to play nor the time to “Fake it till
I make it”! Even Learning that Some Think
it’s Wrong (when it’s Right), and Some
Think its Right (when it’s Wrong), Lets
Trust in God (when We actually only
Depend on the Economy)…hmm…is
this the reason we Suffer With certain
Situations such as the Wall Street
Judgment is Coming, Judgments are coming,
And I’m Taught that there is no where to hide, no
Where to peep, but there is somewhere to Turn…
God! Happily being the person to have
Turned to Elohim. Finding the Right Church
That will Teach me, Show me, Lead me,
Minister to me, and that isn’t just a
Church But a Movement of God!!! Not
A Timed, schedule Movement, But a Freely
Atmosphere of God having His Way!!!
From the teaching, hearing the word,
hearing the truth, and getting it broken
down like never before thanking God
constantly for this moment in time,
not just anytime but this special time,
having this be ordained by Him before I
was in my Mother’s Womb.

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