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December 3, 2009
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thin strands of wire hang from the sky
each one holding another question of mine
so where are the answers you may ask?
in that corner of the yard, where the forgotten flip flops sit
its underneath the flower beds, in between the pipes
that old willow that grows there? its far beneath its branches
its next to that forgotten baseball, beside the fallen leaves
its underneath the seeds of grass, miles from the plane overhead
just minutes from that nearby park, and seconds from my open window
small squares are woven in the screen, so small is my chance of escape
its a vacation to nowheresville, i'll be back in the blink of an eye
count to ten and shut your eyes, spin in circles till you fall
tie the ribbons in your hair, let them hang down your back
pull the grass up from its roots and toss them in the air
and as it all comes falling down, catch the question by its tail
and please, if you can
answer it for me

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