Vanilla Goddess in the Garden of Thorns

December 2, 2009
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Broken and bruised
She lay her body to rest upon
His Aztec altar
With soft young skin
And hands used for ill
Her tried to taste her porcelain

Vanilla goddess in the garden of thorns
And the prettiest necklace adorned her
The velvet noose
He tied around her neck

Hail of language
Wind that taste of his breath
Snow that licked her skin
Like his serpentine tongue
The flowers fragranced with desperation
And the petals seemed hungy
As they tickled her naked skin

Vanilla goddess in the garden of thorns
Where the butterflies were all wil
She never wanted to leave

But she sparkled like that stars in the sky
She was the stars in his sky
And he was Adonis, burning like the sun

And when he burned too bright
The supernova exploded
And she found herself in cosmic baptism

Vanilla goddess in the garden of thorns
How she longs to sleep with the manticore tonight

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