Burning You Away

December 2, 2009
I woke up in a dream today,
You wanted to pull me away,
I tried to make you realize,
All I do is apologize,

I've burnt all the memories,
All the thoughts, all the possibilities,
Tonight I have to end this,
This love that doesn't exist,

Shredded notes, broken hearts,
Shallow life and fallen parts,
No more sorrow, no more pain,
Now leave, get out of this rain,

Crawl back to the way it was before,
Leave me, stop asking for more,
I'm tired of repeating myself,
Now you'll be by yourself,

Stop wondering why,
I have to say good-bye,
This is the way it has to be,
Now run, back to reality,

I need you to understand,
I'm doing everything i can,
Until this very day,
I'm burning you away.

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