A Passion

December 2, 2009
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I have a passion,
A wish
From deep within:
You come to me,
With just one wish,
You want a passion,
something to thrive upon.

What I will tell you,
Will change you;
You carry a passion,
So deep,
So high;
You just don't know it.

I can change that;
To find it;
Don't look within your mind, But within your heart.

all you have to do
is believe in your self;
I see the beauty,
The beauty that it within.

So follow your heart,as far as it takes you;
you will be surprised, By the outcome.

Your ready to be set free;
Fly my little one;
Follow your heart; to a place of great mystery; A undieing passion, Is what will follow.

A passion,
So great,
It will follow you,

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