December 1, 2009
why is it that i cant seem to trust? that no matter who is so kind and sweet and loving,
i get scared that my life will get tossed upside down,
that i will sink into my hearts deep labryinth...that again my heart will get broken?
i love him incredibly much. i worry that he wil turn out like the one so long ago that created the person i am now,
the reason im cautious.
i want out. i want to trust again. i want to be loved again, i want to love again . i want to laugh in the prescence of a guy and not worry he thinks im a freak. i want to scream and shout.
but the walls are built up, restraining me from living.
i want to be free, and able to understand how to go on.
i want out.
some one has the key, and anxiously i wait for the day that my knight comes and rescues me from my tower.
i want out.
so i can let people in.

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