Wide Awake

December 1, 2009
By ckreid BRONZE, Kailua,, Hawaii
ckreid BRONZE, Kailua,, Hawaii
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To my brother
The hospital walls say nothing
You’re sound asleep
Your cheeks had lost their rosy color
No longer were you smiling
Laughter had been absent for what seems like an entire lifetime
I stare out the lighted window to escape the emptiness of the room
The warmth of the sunlight graces my forehead
I peer out to see the world you are missing
There is chaos
Cars’ horns blast endlessly
The smoggy air traps the clouds under the soaring skyscrapers
Crowds of people maneuver the cracked sidewalks hastily
I jealously watch them going about their lives so easily
While you’re still sleeping
Waiting for the moment when you open your eyes
Behind the gray sky you can see the waves crash against the sand
Your favorite place
Months turn into years
It seems like you’re still sleeping
You were barely a toddler when this all started
I wish I could know what you are thinking

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