November 27, 2009
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Its not what I see now its what you see now and now and now and now
Its your next next breath
Its that last period on the sentence you haven't thought of yet
It's the endless expansion of a temporal existence
God doesn’t have a future.
That's a gift he gave to us because he knows that there are dismal times ahead.
That's a gift he gave to us because we have times ahead.
You can cherish it
You can scoff at it
You can shake it in his face.
All of these are your rights as men.
He has absolutely no control over it.
Because he knows the true beauty of creating
Having absolutely no control over what you've made
That is true beauty
Watching chaos at work is beautiful
The butterflies fly at random
die at random
survive at random
Man kills at random
Builds at random
Loves at random
Rejects at random
That’s the only true beauty in this world
The chaos of free will
The livid spirit that is future.

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