I Love... Her

November 25, 2009
By thekingofmarz GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
thekingofmarz GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:

I love her eyes,

They can discern any worry from my being

I love her smile,

And the joy and happiness it brings

She makes my low days high

It’s hysteria not disturbia when she passes by.

I love her, but the doubt remains

If she loves me back or is it another name?

Is she unhappily married?

Is she satisfied with the feelings they carry?

Am I crushing a house by taking its foundation?

Should I care about his despair in the air?

I have kidnapped the hostage and brought her to my lair

No ransom, for I am not releasing this one.

No fee or price can match our heart’s sum.

I love her, but the question remains,

Will she become my queen?

I love her…

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