November 25, 2009
By berilwho BRONZE, Mission Viejo, California
berilwho BRONZE, Mission Viejo, California
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When you’re flying high learn to hold on tight
Or you might lose your grip when you take flight
Imagine you’re flying over an ocean
The trinket in your pocket is your last token
But you tip and it slips into a deep abyss
Sinking to the bottom where it will be missed
When there’s nothing you can do
Who on this earth will you turn to
When there’s nothing left to say
How will you navigate the way
Over a tumbling turning black ocean
With no compass and no direction
And if you drop your mind, with all your thoughts
There will be nothing you haven’t forgot
Watch the things you cherish twirl into the sea
You won’t know what to do or who to be
Lost forever in a watery world
Below the surface where monsters are curled
Waiting to attack the dreams you misplaced
Feeding off what you dropped in your haste
To float above what you’re feeling
Because you think that’s healing
What happens when you realize what you’ve lost
When you have nothing and can’t pay the cost
Recklessness fades away
Problems will stay
You can’t just toss them in the ocean
Expecting that will set the fix into motion
Look down into the turmoil that swallowed
The pieces of you that leave you hallowed
I cry for you but nobody knows
Because into the ocean, my tear goes

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