November 24, 2009
By calebf BRONZE, Boyne City, Michigan
calebf BRONZE, Boyne City, Michigan
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I am in black abyss, alone in space…
A flickering light races towards me
I fall to the icy floor
In an attempt to stand I push against the heated stone wall
A single torch is holstered on the wall
As my fingers grasp the rotting wood handle a gust rushes by
The wall and floor rapidly expand forward forming a hall
Overcome by curiosity, I begin to walk forward
The gust returns and the light of the torch dances over the walls
A second torch reveals itself from the darkness
Unlit, it awaits a single spark to catch
After lighting it, I return to heading towards the unknown
The hall seems to be endless
I look back and the torch’s flame is nowhere in sight
I turn around and lavishly ornamented door sits before me
Reaching for the door, I realize a thick layer of rust coats the handle
I attempt to turn it but, the rust remains in place
As my frustration builds I begin to kick door
A cloud of orange dust falls to the ground
The door creeks open
A great brightness flows through the crack of the door
Illuminating the hall, revealing a mesh of stone and black
Temporarily blinded I close my eyes
Upon reopening my eyes, I see white
I am alone on a blank canvas, floating…

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