Better Than Heaven

November 29, 2009
I can see inside you,
Your very thoughts.
You think solitude can shield you,
but I know it cannot.
Although these last few months have been rough-
breakdowns and freak outs
And losing the love-
I grinded my teeth
and stood by your side.
Ignoring the fact
that every day you made me cry
when I got home from school;
Even my dog didn't know what was wrong.
Curled up in a ball on my bed
listening to the same sad song.
It reminded me of you:
my lost, dazed angel.
Battling the raging war that grew
Every second on the home front.
I never asked for any more than you could give.
I tolerated your vices.
I tried to find the real person
behind all of your disguises.
Funny guy, class clown,
shy as a mouse.
Even the faux good friend, who let you hang out at his house.
You are nothing,
you are not better than me.
Take off your mask,
so you can plainly see...
that I love you,
and it hurt my feelings
when you pushed me away;
sent my head reeling.
I hope that phase ended,
cause I just about had enough.
I know that I said it was love,
but I never said it wasn't tough.
So give me a kiss,
and be mine forever.
And let's stay here forever:
a place better than heaven.

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