Jumping Off Bridges

November 29, 2009
Tear slides down,
Hits the ground,
Nobody boths to look around.
She falls apart,
So does her heart.
She's left alone in the dark.
She screams with no sound;
insane smile or a frown?
She jumps but is still bound
To this earth, her hell.
No one ever asked how she felt
But it's too late, the cards are dealt.
Her head is flooded with just peace;
Knows the water will be the last thing she sees.
She falls again, but this time,
It's by her own hand,
Not yours or mine.
She'll just be a faded memory in time.
Before the force knocks out her breath,
Before an infinity of eternal rest,
A split-second grin forms
and dies
With her death.

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