Drip slip splash almost gone

November 28, 2009
By AlexusWhite GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
AlexusWhite GOLD, Greeley, Colorado
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One of the funniest things about life is crying, it's suppose to be a sad feeling that you get when it happens. But then after you're done crying you feel like you have had someone come buy you and take you weight off your shoulders, so smile now.

I feel the cold shine in my hand
Just one more time I think then never again
But to you the ones who truly care for me now
You would cry tears that would shatter into millions of pieces
That will hit the hearts of every one I have touched in side and out
All the pain and selfishness I have thrust upon all of you

Just to see and smell it
The flavor of my life
The color of my soul
What more could be given to me, I ask of you

Maybe I should put it back down
Turn my back and walk out of this dark filled room
To find my sunshine
My darling it is you

The cold on my wrist then take it away
Put it back on this counter of shame and that is were it shall stay
Looking back through at my mirror image
Nothing has to change about the world just me

Should I think about it to see what would have happened to us so young and foolish
But now only my imagination is here
Pulling me back to this cold place in the dark

Then a knock at the door
I try and hid it
But its too late
With a slip of my wrist and I single tear that falls in silences

I just hear a voice that fades into my now past
The past that I left with you to hold in your arms and tell I love you to and to see grow on
So sweet and gone the voice of my Mother
But for once I cant talk back
All I can do is whisper please
But the small voice inside of my can not be herd inside this darkness

With her pleases to be let in I lay alone in my lake of red and tears
For you to find me alone and gone so far gone

Now wipe away the black form your eyes
That are hiding seas of blue and silver
Now there is that smile face smiling back at you

Now go open the door
Confess to her like she would to you
The door opened slowly as you saw me your darling baby girl

The tears in my eyes not yet hidden by my disguise
Just yet ready to creep out on cheeks
So flushed red by shame and hope

The author's comments:
I hope people will get from my poem is that if you kill your self its olny going to hurt the ones you love and crae for

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Bobby said...
on Dec. 16 2009 at 6:16 pm
It is a highly interpritive and freeflowing forsight in to the soul of a budding mature teen!

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