Frost Wolf

November 20, 2009
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Frost wolf late at midnight sleeps,
In the forest thick and deep,
Shall she stay or will she go,
To the river, through the snow.

Frost wolf with her icy kin,
On the mountain air is thin,
In the peaks the food is scarce,
Vigorous training keeps her fierce.

Softest fur to keep heat in,
Silky shelter for her kin,
Makes a place for both to rest,
Ready for hunting, at their best.

Winter song that chills the soul,
Wakes the fox at break of dawn,
Lifts one crystal coated eye,
To the morning dew gemmed sky.

Venture to the frozen lake,
Be back before the ice babe wakes,
Traverse over countless mounds,
Leaving pawprints on the ground.

Choose a target, lay down low,
Is it friend or is it foe?
Keep your focus, keep your nerve,
Do not sway and do not swerve.

Take a breath, tread slowly round,
You can’t afford to make a sound,
Study it, scan every ounce,
Then when you’re ready, leap and pounce!

First run in and claim your prize,
Shield your catch from hungry eyes,
Drag it to your private lair,
Rip it up, devour your share.

“Wake up child, we’ll carry on,
In the light shed by the sun,
Leave the forest far behind,
Our true dwelling, we will find."

"Don’t be scared, stay by my side,
Go not astray; I’m your guide,
I promise you that we’ll be fine,
I am yours and you are mine.”

Frost wolf early in the dawn,
In the bitter morning cold,
With her baby on her breast,
Sets off on her mighty quest.

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