The Boy Who was Green

November 20, 2009
By Anonymous

He was born at 1:01

Simple Jack would be his name

The second son but oh no there was something wrong!

The boy was green!

Doctors say there was nothing like this before

Hopefully it would go away soon

At age five the boy is growing fast

Simple Jack goes to school

The kids laughed and chuckled calling him a green bean

Simple Jack didn’t know what to do

He sat in a corner as the rivers filled his eyes

At age 9 as the hurting continued Simple Jack turned darker

They called him a witch and a Jolly Green Giant

Simple Jack was sick of it!

He went back to his house and tied a string

He hung himself and he saw the winter of his life

Goodbye you green monster!

Simple Jacks last words of his life

The author's comments:
It is about a boy who was bullyed because he was green. It tells people that we shouldn't bully people just because they are different, and this is a huge problem in our schools so it you should really get the feel of this poem.

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