Trappings of Desire

November 19, 2009
By bookfreak13 SILVER, Owensboro, Kentucky
bookfreak13 SILVER, Owensboro, Kentucky
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I perceive you best
when gazing beyond.
It's invariably dusk,
and I yearn for aurora.
There's never a sonance
nevertheless I heed all of you.
You never claimed to be pure,
but I cannot acknowledge a stain.

Darkness obstructs my vision;
my lips negligently say your name.
Though when it is of consequence
I avert my eyes away.
Can you label this unyielding denial?
Can you title this timorous shame?
The mad, mercurial dancing of my heart
refuses to fade into placid serenity.

Despite my endeavors, and
undeterred by my scruples,
the gossamer web you spin
enraptures and enthralls.
I would not recoil
or cringe from your figure,
but I could not indubitably declare
there is no trepidation in my eyes.

The author's comments:
I was actually walking my black dog and noticed how I could see her better when looking at the moon rather than her. Like anything, I wove it into something about my emotions and here's the result.

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