Hello Stranger

November 19, 2009
What is about you
that drives my mind insane?
curious about you
just want to know your name.
A few feet away,
and I lose all sense of sight.
My whole world gets blurry,
and my heart starts to take flight.
Why is it you have this sort of power over me?
A stranger; But I know you.
As strange as that may seem.
Tell me all about you, please just say hello.
I am always waiting, but you always let me go.
I feel I am just like you.
A ghost among the rest.
Floating through the hallway, frozen heart locked in my chest.
Nobody means anything, that's just the way it is.
Company to no one, and no one you will miss.
But you are an exception.
Your mind I wish to know.
But with no sense of direction,
this interest I won't show.
I'll watch you from afar,
every movement that you make.
I'll take what you will give me
this attraction I can't fake.
We are both alone,
in a world full of pairs.
I've always wanted privacy,
But with you, my world I'd share.
You are not the same as them,
depth in you, I see.
Can't you see just what I want?
I want you here with me.

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