Answer To The Problems

November 21, 2009
By , Lakeland, FL
Problems come and go,
But i find it so funny
that we don't know the reasons.
You sit there searching for the answer
You guess.....
You guess wrong
What could POSSIBLY be the answer to all these problems?
Some guess violence,
But i can assure you...
Violence is NOT the answer

Your head is filled with dynamite.
That dynamite is lit.
The fuse is short.
Its going to blow..
Don't let it.
Release it..
Not with your mouth..
Not with your limbs...
With your eyes.
Just your eyes.
Keep them shut.
Dont let them peek open.
Not even a bit
and let you mind flow...
but not with anger
Think of something else
Something happy...
Something funny..
A person you love....
Think of their smile
Their eyes
The thing you love most about them...
Now, with your eyes closed...
Say.."I Love You"
and think...
Is it really worth it
to get mad and be violent
and risk hurting your loved one?
Open your eyes...
and walk away.

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