I became

November 17, 2009
By Anonymous

I became me
On May 24th 1992 in the Bronx Lebanon Hospital
Drooling, crying, looking
I became curious in 1994
Touching everything
Putting it in my mouth just to know the taste
Plug outlets with wet hands
Toddlers with sticky fingers
I became a learner in 1996
And building blocks, numbers, the alphabet, naptime
And song time
Head shoulders knees and toes
I became unsure in 1998
Bossy, eczema, being made fun of, sad
5th grade bullies, 1st grade peers
I became less caged in 2003
Parties, trips to the Bronx and the best crew ever
I became a tiny bit confident in 2004
Wanting, knowing, maybe, blew it

the Rest
One truly true best friend

The Best
Good times, great times, ENDING in 2005
I became happy in 2006
Betrayed in 2007
And in 2008, I became hopeful but left out and depressed
Then finally, in summer 2009
With unsurety, hopefulness, freedom, learning to learn
I became - not Completely but truthfully, Not certain but sure
Not positive for the future but ready to go there
Excited for The journey and adventure
Because on the 5th of August in 2009
I became...

The author's comments:
The inspiration was love. The love that I'm going through right now and re assuring that certain person that I'm in it for the long run. The goal was to make sure that I touched on a lot of the good and bad feelings I had growing up but somehow everything doesn't matter the day I became "yours". I wanted to convey how teenagers fall in love very hard and strong. Writing it wasn't hard because I am in love. I'm satisfied because I think I accomplished my goal and what I wanted to get across.

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