Nightlife of a Kindergartener

November 30, 2009
By laxgirl76 SILVER, Park City, Utah
laxgirl76 SILVER, Park City, Utah
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You hear a creak in the pitch black room
You start to hyperventilate
All of the scariest imaginations come to your mind
The monster in the closet
The alien under your bed

You want to cry for mommy
But you’re too scared the monsters will hear you
You jump under your covers
Nearly bursting out in tears

Now you’re wishing you hadn’t broken the lightbulb in your night light that morning
Now you’re wishing that you hadn’t taken off the crib sides a week ago
Now you’re wishing you had that plastic pirate sword close to your bed

Slowly you peek out from under you covers
You start seeing quick bursts of light
It’s only your parents outside the door in the kitchen you try to tell yourself
Now that you know that your sword is next to your closet you run to it
Grabbing it and putting it beside you
Feeling like you were as safe as ever you try to crawl back into bed

But then you hear the strange noise again

This time more like a growl
A noise that could make someone jump

But you aren’t afraid anymore
You are prepared to face this beast
Show them whose boss

Once you get the courage to crawl over to the closet
You slowly open it. . .

Then you see it’s glowing eyes
It’s snarly mouth

Suddenly your hands are shaking
You lose all of the courage you had just gained
But you know that you can defeat this beast
You know that this creature can be killed

You rase your sword
Give a big slash. . .

Then everything goes quiet

The strange noises you were hearing disappear
The frightening glow of the monsters eyes blacks out
You are suddenly sitting alone

Your hands still shaking
You retreat back to your bed
Where you know you can go to sleep safe

Once you get under your covers again
You slowly doze back to sleep

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Sarbear GOLD said...
on Apr. 2 2010 at 8:39 am
Sarbear GOLD, Milan, Ohio
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this is really different... but what was it that she hit with the sword? i like how you kept me guessing through the story, though. keep writing! check out some of my work too :)

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