Love Supreme

November 14, 2009
By CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Your divine energy that spirals all around me,
With lips so smooth and sweet,
So warm to the touch,
Chocolate covered strawberries,
Your candy-coated luscious taste,
Remains a surreal mystery,
So I choose to keep dreaming,
for a Love that remains so supreme,
Walking hand in hand,
You in my arms as we grow old,
Visions of us in the future that I forever hold,
Yearning for but not attaining the love that you give,
Imagining your elegance,
Your touch leaves me aching,
Your smile captures my attention,
But you haven't noticed me yet,
Although it's my heart you have taken.

Placing my head on your bosom,
Longing to mimic the rhythm,
The sound of your unique heartbeat,
Our hearts continue to merge as we grow closer,
Eyes to Eyes,
Lips to Lips,
Flesh to Flesh,
Still waiting for the day,
When our paths will cross,
Our souls will meet,
And my journey will finally be complete.

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