Consuming Classroom

November 13, 2009
-Sitting in class with a faceless stare, mind wondering, beyond bored
-Teacher talked, notes were passed, books were read, to me this was just a list to be ignored
-I hate the kids around me, this subject sucks, just want to art a fire and leave
-To stop conforming to this bull****, do something real, something I can believe
-Sick of wearing these chains, following the crowd, taking notes, and going home to study
-Just want to be free, do what I want, live my life, alone in this world, wet and muddy
-No more desks, no more high lighters, no more life consuming bright lights
-Sleep all day, go out at night, do what I want, get into some fights
-So now I walk out of class and never look back
-my life is mine, I can do what I want, not weighed down by my school backpack

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