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November 13, 2009
By thekingofmarz GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
thekingofmarz GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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A calming hand can be the difference between life and death
The parachute you can pull when you are freefalling
The kind of person who knows you better than anyone else
Will help you with no amount of stalling
“If I got it, it’s yours” is often the saying
Even a king can be humbled by a servant
A tyrant may need the help of his people
A man may need…

A man may need,
And if his need is met,
Then he won’t leave with regret
The pressures of the world rely on America
If we’re in bad shape
Then everyone’s that way
Nuclear annihilation is what we fear and not hope
And death and snakes and public speaking the most
Today, you can help your fellow man
Help him like no other can
I think that “players” should start with the problems at home
Before they take their “sport” on the road

Africa is “the motherland,”
But you should understand that we live here
We need to help the African Americans
Before we can help the Africans
Help the Caucasian before helping the European
Look at such a good job you’re doing.
As many dollars that go overseas
They could be used here for people in need.

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