My Everything

November 13, 2009
By Zaynthe BRONZE, Bryant, Arkansas
Zaynthe BRONZE, Bryant, Arkansas
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"Let there be peace and writing." - Michael P. Daly

Make me stop needing you,
Like budding roses need rain.
Make me stop wanting you,
Trembling at the thought
of simply hearing your

My Everything,
Your spell sank deep,
Intricate web
Clamped on my heart.
I am not free.
Chains of love
Easily broken,
But so is my heart.
Fragments held together
By three little words.

My Everything,
Flirt with the moon,
Tease the stars,
Dance in a cosmos
in which I do not belong.
Grounded on Earth
I am your faithful disciple.
Grant me a glimpse of sunbeams
I crave.

My Everything,
Have you tasted Solitude?
Bitter storm of the soul,
A shroud swallowing you whole.
Needing your voice.
Quench my thirst.
Show me my sunbeams
You promised me forever.

Only after you
Flirt with the moon,
Tease the stars,
Dance in a cosmos
In which I do not belong.

My Everything,
I am not free.
I am your loyal disciple.
When you tire of your games,
I will be here.
Trapped in a web of sunbeams and love.

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