November 12, 2009
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for so long they've said
no heart is in u
no drive can push u
mountains are way to high

stood i face to face with devils
only to find a angel in the midst
darkness surrounded
tears fallin

she appeared only to remind me
that i have seen worst
fought harder
loved stronger
and givin more than what this world has offered

stood i face to face with him
asking if i grow
does she grow with me
old? he said an answered no

love is of the essence
as time is of life
in many ways you cannot lose
what you haven't given up
if u fight she will stay
if u ask she will remember
if u love...she will show u
she never left....

stood i face to face with my self
and told give light
is to be immortal spiritually
in embers of every aspect of life

for i can live laugh and love
to the fullest on my own
yet to make these abilities happen
is everything worth asking for......

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