I will

November 11, 2009
I will hate you taday
I will hate you tomorrow
I will fall asleep to the sound of my own sorrows
And I will never let them know

I will dream of your end
I will act like you don't exist, but never truely pretend
I will you a thousand letters, never to ba sent
I will pretand to let them in

I will fight my only battle
I will hope that it's enough
I will try to find a handle
I will hold on to what reaaly matters

I will live life in the moment
I will keep track of every moment spent
I will keep only the feelings that are pleasent
I will try to leave you, as my only life's regret

I will write all of this down
I will point out all the "why's" and "how's"
I will make myself slow down
And I will forget how you made me drown


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