Living After Loss

November 11, 2009
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Golden fields blown across the softened air,
Like a million stars each reed shone clear,
Timid to touch they jumped and turned,
Like a great fire it heaved and burned.
Above to see no clouds to sight,
A rainbow across the entire sky,
Slowly the darkening blanket lay Day to rest,
A thousand little nightlights tuning to night's test,
Breezes cool to welcome a warm embrace,
The soul of night grasps the forgotten Earth with light.
Your figure drifts across the revivalled sky,
I miss you here, right by my side.
Build me a staircase, none be too high,
Memories here have never died.
Through one way mirror I see your smile,
If only the sky would be one mile,
I'd climb to your world just for a touch,
And to say I miss and love you so much.
But here I lay upon this field,
Eyes turned skyward, all hopes so real,
Every night I do wait here,
Damp this land is from my tears.
While skies drift to delight,
I see you pass, lost with the night,
The freshened dew of dawn's chime,
Once more life given back to time.

Do not mourn, but cherish the dream,
Though lost, it still can be seen,
If fate has set forth in stone,
After life, we will be atoned.
Each night we may meet in the sky,
But for now, I must say good-bye.

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