November 11, 2009
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So long ago, I looked up so high,
You walked over with one great stride,
A storm appeared, you tried to remain,
But the winds grew stronger, you were blown far away.

It was on you that I previously relied,
And with that loss I was fried,
I searched through my past attempting to hold on,
What I found was that three can replace one.

When finally my grasp regained its strength,
The storm attempted to blow them away,
These three proved stronger than I could have ever known,
I felt empowered down to the bone.

Even as the lightning bellowed and banged,
I grew closer to standing straight up in the rain,
But suddenly the ground beneath me shifted,
The storm grew stronger, my muscles drifted.

Despite their presence I could not breathe,
My strength slipped soundly away from me,
Control gone in that one moment,
The sky grew black, blotting all from sight.

A revelation has come my way.
If this storm had a purpose,
It was to show,
That life always leaves you out on your own.

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