What you do to me

November 11, 2009
By Amber123 SILVER, Annada, Missouri
Amber123 SILVER, Annada, Missouri
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The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth!

Sitting in my cold hard wooden desk
I’m emotionless, empty and bored.
That’s when he walks into the room.
His black hair lies effortlessly
Over his right blue eye.
His presence alone gives me
A warm, tingling sensation
In the pit of my stomach.
His soft warm hand
Brushes along my arm
As he slowly moves past me.
His touch brings me feelings of
Happiness, joy and lust.
Goosebumps race across
Every inch of my body.
The sent of his cologne
Stagers in the air.
He sits directly behind me.
He slowly leans forward
Making my heart race.
He whispers in my ear.
His warm breath on my neck
Sends me to cloud nine.

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