Off the Boardwalk

November 11, 2009
By Halie Piper BRONZE, Safety Harbor, Florida
Halie Piper BRONZE, Safety Harbor, Florida
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Relax and step off the boardwalk and into the vast, white valley below.

Sand, soft as snow between toes, squishes up creating fine footprints for all to see.

The wind pushes us forward as we stride to our waiting vista.
Towels flap, laughter rings and seagulls rotate lazily above.
Searching-scanning the crowded arena-seeking
The sun gently kisses cheeks, glinting off onyx shaded irises.
Splashes of white mingle with bronze on lathered skin, seeking protection.

Music, pulsating like a heartbeat, moves through bodies.
Controlling. to the blue water's edge and leap into the calming sea.
Let the ocean over take you, mind-body-soul.
No worries, only sweet satisfaction.

Smack! The sound of tightly laced, soft brown leather slapping powdered hands.
Feet storming the bleached turf, dodging the enemy.
thud! Bodies fall and laughter arises from the tangled heap.

White intertwines with crimson
Splashes falling as the smoothie is passed.
Multiple hands seeking the same reprieve.

Relax and step off the boardwalk

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