with every beat of my heart

November 10, 2009
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I miss you.
I miss you in so many awful ways.
I miss you so much it hurts.

I miss you in the way where I blame myself,
For letting end like that.
I miss you in ways that I hate you,
For what you did.
I miss you in the way that I cry,
For all the unknown answers,
And unspoken questions.
I miss you in the way that I try to hide it,
The way when people ask I blow it off.
But most of all I miss you in the way
Where I want you back.

I miss you in ways where I think that if I did something different,
Then I would still have you.
I miss you like the sky misses the moon,
When it is gone.
I miss you,
With every beat of my heart,
With every breath I take,
With all I have,
I miss you.

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Emily J. said...
Jan. 20, 2010 at 8:55 pm
This is a very powerful poem. The repetition really makes it flow. I especially love the line "like the sky misses the moon"! Keep writing!
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