EHS Baby!

November 9, 2009
Eaton High seems peaceful at last
The years seem to be going so fast
The memories of that school will last forever
Behaving is one thing those kids won't do, ever
The guys walk the halls with a lip full of chew
Some of the girls even do it too
At lunch the parking lot is full of cowboys and ropes
And cigarettes can be found in the pockets of their coats
The numbers rack up when it comes to absents and tardies
And when the weekends come, oh my gosh the parties!
Fights and contests and hookups too
There's just no stopping the heater crew
The teachers all know but laugh along
They know lectures wont make them think it's wrong
Eaton's cars are a big deal
Crusin, bumpin, or racin, either way someone's always at the wheel
I'll always love this place and I'll love my friends
The crazy memories of EHS will never end

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